Union Room

The banner under which I run federated services at a hobbyist level for myself and friends. The Union Room network currently consists of a Matrix server and the Jubilife Global Terminal Mastodon instance.

WAAPT Community

As a former player and continued community member of the We Are All Pokémon Trainers roleplay, I am part of the infrastructure team. I operate a few bots for the Discord server including the XMPP bridge, and I am webmaster of the WAAPT Wiki.

Kobo customization

I keep my configuration for firmware patches, some simple helper scripts, and my nickelmenu/kfmon configs at


Under the chumhandle of goldenrodResearcher I’ve ported the Homestuck POV Cam extension to Firefox and created an eBook version of The Homestuck Epilogues. I am also the voice of Dave Strider in podfeels, a fan-run podfic adaptation of Sarah Zedig’s godfeels series.